Yotopia Covent Garden REVIEW

For the last 21 days I have been going to Yotopia, a lovely studio close to Covent Garden. As I said in this post some time ago, this Autumn I am trying different London yoga studios to see which one works better for me. So far I have tried Triyoga, Indaba, and Yotopia. I haven’t found the time write a review about the two first studios but I will do in soon 😉

The reception of Yotopia

Let’s focus on Yotopia for now 🙂

  • Their introductory offer is £35 for 20 days which is quite good.
  • The studio is located less than 5 min away from Covent Garden tube station and they offer hot yoga, yoga, and Pilates.
  • As soon as you enter the studio you find some shoe racks to leave your shoes, a little “shop” space with yoga clothes, blocks, and a fridge with water, coconut water…
  • You can leave the ID at the reception to get a padlock for the lockers and you can also rent towels if you need one (£1)
  • Upstairs you can find the changing rooms and 2 studio rooms

Things that I loved: the teachers

The best thing about Yotopia is that they have awesome teachers, I mean, they have some of the best London yoga teachers!  I didn’t try any Pilates class, and I only went to one hot yoga class (which was OK, but nothing special), so I can only speak about yoga teachers.

My favourite teachers & classes were:

Mischa is one of my favourite yoga teachers. Her classes always have a theme and she includes philosophy and stories as well as beautifully chosen music (you can find her lists on spotify, I use them for self practice at home). I always leave the classes feeling that I have learnt something new.

I am so happy to share with you a sweet grounding sequence for these crisp cooler days…..A practice to Ground & Surrender. This practice is designed to bring you into your body, activating both the downward flow of energy (apana vayu) to ground and the equalizing force (samana vayu) which reflects our capacity to slow down and rest on a deep internal level. The sequence is both gentle and powerful, including hip opening and grounding postures to improve our ability to feel, surrender and let go, a twist to help relax contraction in the muscles and connective tissues, and improve internal digestive and eliminative function and gentle backbends to open our hearts to greater love and freedom. Visit the for the complete 6 pose sequence and full instructions to practice. Enjoy 💚 Namaste 🙏 #fpmovement #yoga #ground #surrender #breath #rasayoga #sequence #body #heart #alignment 📷by @jillianguyette

A post shared by Mischa (@mischavarmuza) on

All of them are just great teachers. Very different styles of teaching but all very inspiring and with a unique voice.

I also liked the fact that the classes are not crowded, there are marks on the floor for each mat and you feel like you have enough space for your practice even if the class is full.

Also… The studio rooms always smell very well, they use incense which I just love!! :):)

Things That I didn’t like

Studio room
The mats

If you can, I really recommend you to bring your own mat. They mats provided there are very slippery and uncomfortable. I couldn’t even tell which was the right side, I tried both and both were terrible.

If bringing your mat is to much, you can bring a travel yoga mat or even a yoga towel to cover the mat.

The cancellation policy

Yes… I should have read it but I didn’t… I forgot to cancel 1 class and they charged me £5 which made me really angry 😦 … In Triyoga it doesn’t work like that so I just assumed that if it was the first time if would be ok. Anyway, it’s good for you to know it!

Main entrance


Overall I liked the experience. I tried lots of classes and I had the opportunity to practice with some of my favourite London yoga teachers but I for the moment my favourite yoga studio is another one… but I need to try a few more before I make my final choice.

London yoguis: let me know if you try it! Namaste,




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